Increasing bath lifetime for industrial cleaning | BvL
Bei BvL Oberflächentechnik gibt es viele Komponenten, um die Badstandzeit zu erhöhen. Plattenphasentrenner und Filter sorgen für die Badreinigung.

Increased bath life

Reduce bath changes

Fields of application

In the production process, bath changes are non-productive times when no cleaning can take place. Costs of manpower, cleaning agents, disposal and reheating of the bath are also incurred. The cleaning capacity of the bath can be extended by proactively removing dirt from the bath during the process and immediately compensating for the loss of water and cleaning agents. 

  • increased system availability
  • minimisation of costs

Available features

  • tank rinsing – to prevent deposits
  • cascade guiding
  • re-dosing of cleaning agents
  • centrifuge
  • plate phase separator
  • band and return flow filters
  • water softenting and reverse osmosis systems
  • evaporator
  • mechanical discharge systems
  • Libelle – bath monitoring to avoid spread
Libelle Badüberwachung Cleaner Control und Fluid Control zur Erhöhung der Badstandzeit

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