Media monitoring
Media monitoring

Media monitoring

Always the optimum cleaning bath

We always offer the best technological solution for measuring ph value and conductance (salt load in the liquid).

The BvL Libelle bath monitoring reliably measures the level of contamination of the cleaning bath and the ideal concentration of the cleaning chemicals with high precision. Because a satisfactory cleaning process can only be achieved with a sufficiently clean medium. Detailed information about the bath condition is therefore required to ensure reliable processes and optimum use of materials. Libelle Fluid Control is consequently used in BvL cleaning systems as a standard.

Media monitoring
Libelle Fluid Control
  • Monitoring bath contamination
  • Standard equipment in BvL cleaning systems
Libelle Oil Control
  • Measuring oil content in the medium
  • Indicates a required bath change
  • Ensures the cleaning results
Cleaning agent management
  • LIBELLE CLEANER CONTROL for unmanned, precise and continuous measuring of cleaning agent concentration
  • Controls the AUTOMATIC TOP-UP of cleaning agent
  • Constant cleaning agent concentration
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