Quality concept

Quality concept

Intelligent cleaning systems, customised cleanliness

BvL cleaning systems stand for intelligent, well thought-out solutions in production facilities, covering several processes Quality and energy efficiency are a priority for us.

How can efficient cleaning be achieved despite increasing requirements for the technical cleanliness of products? Our solutions are the result of expert advice and trials at our technology centre, helping users to master this challenge.

BvL systems provide reliable cleaning for your components and can be integrated seamlessly into the production line. They are easy to operate and comply with the strict guidelines of the automotive industry. In addition, they are designed in line with the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC, C standard EN 12921-1 for machines for surface cleaning and the German Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV).

BvL quality at a glance:

  • solid design and long service life
  • guaranteed cleaning success
  • simple operation
  • easy access for easy maintenance
  • quality components, e.g. from Siemens, Festo, KSB
  • quality "Made in Germany"