BvL Oberflächentechnik-Mitarbeiter bei der ausführlichen Probewäsche und Beratung

Advice and cleaning trials

Achieving the best cleaning result with reliability and experience

Specialist knowledge is equally important for determining the best possible cleaning process as extensive practical experience. BvL have qualified engineers with training in metal processing. Our advisers study your production and manufacturing process and then work with you to determine what you really need. Our store of experience from decades of developing and producing cleaning systems is always at your disposal. So you can focus on what is essential – your production

The BvL advisers provide:

  • convincing analysis of your requirement
  • extensive experience in cleaning technology
  • individually adapted concepts
  • honest answers!

Technology centre / washing trials

Cleaning tasks are complex. The task at hand consists of many parameters which have to be considered individually for each application: material, shape and weight of the component, type of contamination, required parts throughput, downstream process and intended degree of cleanliness, to name only the most important aspects.

We determine which combination is most suitable for your requirements before you even buy a system.

  • Cleaning technology
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Temperature
  • Time

We carry out intensive washing trials at our technology centre to determine the best possible system technology, cleaning medium and program sequence. This makes your system a solid solution for clean products.

The selection of the system concept goes beyond the four essential parameters (technology, chemicals, temperature, time). Parts carriers, automation, bath treatment and monitoring are indispensable for continuous cleaning success today.

Paired with an emergency strategy for system standstill and documentation of the system process we ensure permanently reliable cleaning.

BvL-Mitarbeiter bei der intensiven Beratung an einem Werksstück