NiagaraMO 480-2727

NiagaraMO 480

Construction year 2012; Machine number 2727

The NiagaraMO cleaning system (previously "Rotocleaner Mosel") is a space-saving automatic cleaning and degreasing system. The system is designed for cleaning individual parts on workpiece carriers and small parts in baskets or perforated boxes.

Cleaning is carried out consistently on all sides by means of a fixed rectangular special nozzle system with flat spray nozzles, optionally with rotating or swivelling basket around the horizontal axis. The rinsing is carried out in the same treatment chamber with the same spraying system. The spraying equipment is supplied by two powerful circulating pumps, which ensure intensive treatment.

Basic system
Cleaning system: spray cleaning with flat spray nozzles
Operating principle: fixed rectangular special nozzle system with rotating or pivoting basket

System accessories

  • Spray system with flat spray nozzles
  • Cleaning and rinsing agent tank
  • Circulating pumps with carbide mechanical seal
  • Safety shutdown of the heaters and pumps
  • Drain connection with ball valve
  • Control Siemens S7-300 / CPU 313 C
  • Touch panel Siemens TP 177 Micro
  • Electrical heating, adjustable via the touch panel
  • Individual washing time programming
  • Control cabinet integrated in the enclosure
  • Libelle Fluid Control
  • Steam extraction with integrated droplet separator
  • Compressed air impulse blowing device with indirect heating
  • Flooding device
  • Cascade guide for two baths as rinsing bath care
  • Plate phase separator for oil separation
  • Ultrasonic device
  • Vacuum drying
  • Infrared drying

Price on demande

NiagaraMO 480-2727