NiagaraFS 600-1682

NiagaraFS 600

The NiagaraFS cleaning system (formerly "Rotocleaner FS") is a space-saving automatic cleaning and degreasing system with pneumatic lift gate, which is particularly suitable for cleaning individual parts on workpiece carriers and small parts in perforated storage and transport boxes or baskets.

The cleaning is carried out by means of a fixed special nozzle system with flat spray nozzles while the basket is swivelled around the horizontal axis. The rinsing is carried out in the same treatment chamber with the same spraying system. The spraying equipment is supplied by two powerful circulating pumps which ensure intensive treatment.

The baskets shown in the photo are not included in the delivery.

Basic system
Cleaning system spray cleaning with flat spray nozzles
Operating principle fixed rectangular special nozzle system with swivel basket

NiagaraFS 600 System accessories

  • Rectangular spraying system with flat spray nozzles on all sides
  • Stationary front table with roller-guided receiving device
  • Circulating pumps with carbide mechanical seal
  • Steam exhaust fan
  • Circulating air drying
  • Cascade guide
  • Disc skimmer