Water-based cleaning processes:

Water-based cleaning processes:

Intelligent component cleaning as a success factor in heat treatment

Component cleaning before and after heat treatment is a Reasons for water-based cleaning fixed component of heat treatment processes today and a fundamental prerequisite for a high quality component.

As a competent mechanical engineering company specializing in innovative cleaning systems, we offer the right cleaning solution for any type of heat treatment. Our range covers the entire scope of water-based industrial parts cleaning.

Different cleaning processes for complex precision components ensure reliable treatment of components and remove contaminations without residue. Thanks to the high level of cleaning performance, all machines ensure gentle workpiece handling.

Basis for a perfect result

Optimum cleaning and economical results can be achieved only if all four relevant factors of Sinner's Circle are taken into account: The technology, the treatment time, the right cleaning chemicals in the correct concentration and the temperature have to be correctly coordinated. With extensive cleaning trials at our Technical Center, we determine the economically and ecologically best processing technology for each individual case.

Reasons for water-based cleaning Before heat treatment:
  • Preventing rejects and faulty results,e.g. by using barrier layers
  • Residue can impair the function of theheat treatment system (oven atmosphere)and the quenching medium used
After heat treatment:
  • Optimum downstream coating processes byremoving all residue
  • High requirements for component cleanliness
  • Cleaning of particulate and film contaminations (emulsions)
  • Clean components without residue or stains
  • Temporary corrosion protection can be applied during cleaning
  • Optimum coordination of system technology, component geometry and contamination type possible
  • Universal use
  • Safer handling of the cleaning medium
  • Lower investment volume