Excellent railway parts cleaning for maintenance

Deutsche Bahn supplier evaluation: “outstanding” for reliable cleanliness with BvL systems

Trust and high quality are the foundations for a forward-looking cooperation. Based on this principle, Deutsche Bahn annually assesses its suppliers and rates them accordingly. BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH has been a supplier to Deutsche Bahn for some time. Maintenance factories and workshops in different locations have already been equipped with numerous cleaning systems from BvL.

Best supplier rating from Deutsche Bahn for BvL
Due to the positive experiences in the cooperation, the company received the highest rating of “outstanding”, whereby BvL was the only supplier of cleaning systems to receive this rating. Mr Ulrich Schmidt from the department for “Procurement of workshop and processing systems” explains the positive evaluation: “The comprehensive support for a project from the first discussions to commissioning of the system, in connection with the high level of technical quality, convinces us every time. BvL provides a sound overall package.” Bernd Menke, Sales Manager at BvL Oberflächentechnik, is pleased to hear this forward-looking statement and explains the principle for project support at BvL: “A detailed analysis of the requirements is crucial to the right system concept. Knowing the technical situation, we can implement the best solution for each cleaning application.”

Optimum cleaning with adapted system design
The company offers a variety of solutions for cleaning parts during maintenance and quality testing for transport companies. The OceanRW turntable system, for example, can be equipped for cleaning stators with a centre lance, which allows intensive external cleaning as well as thorough internal cleaning of the components. This basic model is manufactured as a similar system with two flexibly adjustable nozzle frames for cleaning components of different sizes.

Invitation to the Railway Workshop at BvL
The company is inviting interested companies from the fields of railway maintenance and production of new railway parts to the BvL headquarters in Emsbüren on 30 May 2018. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in intensive expert discussions and explore specific questions and methods on the topics of the cleaning of bogies, wheelsets, bearings, stators and rotors. Associated system demonstrations will also take place. A PacificTA system for large parts, which is currently being manufactured, is used for cleaning bogies and other large railway components during maintenance. 

Excellent railway parts cleaning for maintenance