Libelle Oil Control
Libelle Oil Control optimiert Badstandzeiten und Teiledurchflüsse

Libelle Oil Control

Measuring oil content in the medium

Too much oil and grease in the cleaning medium would prevent it from providing a high level of degreasing. Sufficient degreasing becomes impossible when the bath has been exhausted or when the treatment measures become ineffective. It is therefore crucial that the operator of the cleaning system knows the oil content in the medium to ensure constant degreasing action. Information about the oil content in the medium is output by the machine display or optionally by the Libelle Data Control.

Fields of application

  • cleaning processes where it is important that the component surface is free from oil
  • e.g. cleaning before coating, painting, glueing, welding
  • precise and fast evaluation of oil content in the medium
  • allows direct intervention when the condition of the bath changes (e.g. batches with very high oil input)
  • reduction of rejects caused by insufficient degreasing
  • optimised bath life and bath change
  • optimised parts throughput
  • process reliability

Measuring principle

Measurement of the fluorescence properties of the cleaning fluid: An increase of fluorescence within a certain wavelength is a sign of oil contamination. The intensity of the fluorescence is then a measure for the oil contamination in the cleaning medium. Other substances exhibit a different fluorescence wavelength and therefore have no influence on the measurement. 


Libelle Oil Control beurteilt schnell und präzise den Ölgehalt im Medium


The measurement of the Libelle Oil Control shows that the cleaning of components with oil contamination on Monday caused a large rise in the oil concentration of the bath. The connected treatment measures require several hours for regenerating the bath which means they cannot be turned off during the night. Only after this can sufficient cleaning action for other parts be ensured again. Knowing the oil concentration allows optimisation of parts throughput.

Durch Libelle Oil Control festgestellter Anstieg der Ölkonzentration


Libelle Fluid and Oil Control

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