Twister rotary cycle cleaning system for the highest requirements
Genau wie ein Wasserstrudel rotieren auch die Waren in der Behandlungszone unserer Twister Rundtaktanlage

Twister rotary indexing systems

Efficient cleaning – individually configured for rotary indexing

Rotary indexing systems in the Twister series from BvL use a multi-stage cleaning process to clean parts on a rotating platform. The individual handling stations can include cleaning, rinsing and drying processes. They can be configured to create a customized cleaning program depending on the type, intensity and cycle. Alongside spray cleaning using special nozzles, the systems can also be equipped with high-pressure elements for complex, highly contaminated parts or for deburring processes.

The individual processing zones avoid transferring and mixing of the media. The continuous loading and unloading processes at the same position require a limited amount of space and ensures short processing times. The high level of automation on the Twister systems not only means that they can be seamlessly integrated into your production process but also ensures the highest levels of efficiency for large batches. 


  • Movement of the parts with rotary indexing using a rotating nozzle system
  • Individual configuration of the treatment system
  • Separate processing zones
  • Space-saving loading from one position
  • Lots of automation options

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