Niagara basket washing systems that meet the highest demands | BvL
Kraftvoll wie die Wasserfälle sind auch unsere Korbwaschanlagen Niagara

Niagara basket washing systems

Combined cleaning processes in one chamber

The suitable Niagara BvL product line for cleaning individual parts, bulk goods as well as positioned or basket goods. It comprises all front-loaded basket washing systems from BvL.

The holding fixture rotates or swivels in the chamber while also providing secure seating of the components in the basket or on the workpiece carrier. This rotation and spray treatment or combined spray/flood treatment ensures efficient, powerful all-round cleaning of the components – even on complex geometries or parts with cavities.

All process steps, such as washing, rinsing and drying, are conducted in one chamber to save space. Each system can be integrated into the individual production sequence using varied automation systems – for precise cleanliness and short processing times.

  • Holding fixture revolves or swivels around the horizontal axis
  • All-round cleaning with spray or spray/flood cleaning using a special nozzle frame
  • All processing steps in one chamber: cleaning, rinsing, drying
  • Maximum cleanliness through optional ultrasound cleaning and various drying systems
  • Variable system for a variety of different usable dimensions and loads

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